Annual Notices

This list does not attempt to include notices that are to be given to specific populations (such as notices to CPI families about testing; etc.).

Subject Matter

State or Federal Law


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Snapshot of Annual Academic Progressions

ESSA No Longer Requires but Best Practice

Report of progress on the Iowa Assessments for District Grade spans

Snapshot (coming soon)       

Proportion of 4th graders proficient in reading

Iowa Code 256D.3

The statute also “encourages” districts to submit to their communities composite information concerning the reading proficiency of K-5 enrollments, by grade level

      K-5 Proficiencies

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Human growth and development Instruction

  Iowa Code          279.50

Information on human growth and development curriculum; procedure for parental inspection of instructional materials prior to their use in class; procedure for parent/guardian to request in writing that a student be excused from class


Availability of Senior Year Plus options for high school students

Iowa Code chapter 261C; 281—IAC 22.15

Pertinent information should include definition of who is eligible (all 11th and 12th graders, as well as 9th and 10th graders identified as G/T), addresses of nearby postsecondary institutions, and definition of eligible courses

  Senior Plus Options

Name and contact information for district’s Level One investigator

281—IAC chapter 102

School boards must designate at least one Level One investigator annually to look into allegations of abuse of students by school employees

Level I & II  


Physical restraint and physical confinement

281—IAC 103.7

Notice of provisions of chapter 103 and additional district/nonpublic school’s policy and procedures on physical restraint and physical confinement; DE has a sample at

Chapter 103

Name of investigator of allegations of bullying and harassment

SF 61 (2007 Iowa Acts), which created new Iowa Code section 280.28

How to file a complaint must be included in the policy also

B & H Info

Student responsibility and discipline policies, including attendance, tobacco, alcohol, out-of-school behavior (good conduct code)

281—IAC 12.3(6)

Any policy that directly affects a student should be included in the notice

District Student and Parent HBK 

Open enrollment information

281—IAC 17.3(2)

Open enrollment deadlines, transportation assistance information, athletic ineligibility information, and right to appeal to state board of education a denial of a request based on repeated acts of harassment or a serious health condition of the student that the district cannot adequately address

 OE Info

Educational rights of homeless children and youth

281—IAC chapter 33

Rights of homeless children; name of district’s homeless education coordinator

McKinney Vento


281—IAC chapter 18

Procedures on charging fees, written notice of fees, waiver policy (including income guidelines)

 FEES FY19 (Coming after August Board Meeting)


Federal Programs/Laws

Subject Matter

State or Federal Law


How and When

Nondiscrimination policy, grievance procedures, name and contact information for equity coordinator

Federal Titles VI and IX of Civil Rights Act; Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act; Iowa Code section 216.9

A student or employee or any person who feels discriminated against by the district must have information about how to pursue a grievance with the district

Non-Descrimination Policy

FERPA notice: components of “directory information,” parent or eligible student right to inspect and review educational records, consent to release information and exceptions to consent, complaint rights, military recruiters, etc.

FERPA, 20 U.S.C. 1232g

Notice must be sent to parents of students, including CPI (home schooled) students and those who open enroll into the district


PPRA notice: consent requirements for a survey, analysis, or evaluation (“survey”) funded by the USDE that seek information about eight protected areas, opt-out and review rights for surveys not supported by the USDE that seek information about eight protected areas, inspect and review instructional materials, physical exams of students, collection/disclosure of student information for marketing purposes, certain physical exams/screenings of students.

PPRA, 20 U.S.C. § 1232h



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