Grandwood Information

Welcome To Grandwood Education Center

Grandwood is a special education school serving students with mental and behavioral disabilities operated by the Woodward-Granger School District. Grandwood provides educational services to the students who reside on Woodward Resource Center campus, which is a residential treatment facility that serves developmentally disabled teenagers and adults.

Grandwood also serves students from surrounding districts that are unable to provide the necessary supports. We serve students ranging from upper elementary to post secondary who have significant developmental delays in one or more of the following areas: Cognitive, Emotional, and/or Behavioral.

Our staffing and programming allow us to offer opportunities to our students that may not be duplicated in a general education setting.


Major Programming Areas:

  • Functional Academics and Living Skills
  • Community and Leisure Experiences 
  • Pre-vocational and Vocational Experiences
  • Social Skills
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)


General Information:

  • Average class size ratio is 1 teacher to 5 students
  • Classrooms organized by functional level and age
  • 8 certified teachers
  • 40 classroom associates



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