Welcome to Woodward-Granger’s Lil’ Hawk Prep! 

Our program is designed for 3 and 4 year olds to prepare them for their school years ahead.  We believe that a strong foundation is essential in building a successful future. To accomplish this, we work to maintain a positive outlook and excitement for learning.  Together we will teach our young children the value of friendship and will build the foundations of your child’s educational years.

Our staff is dedicated to helping every child achieve success and will assure each child has the opportunity to be involved in many diverse experiences.  Our students and families are our highest priority and the focal point of all that we do.

We have high expectations for achievement and ask that our students and their families work with us to attain the best education possible.  We look forward to your support and partnership in this endeavor.  We hope that your experience with us is one that will be a memory for many years to come.  Together we can help our young children become the very best they can be!