Principal ELC and Elementary

On behalf of all the WG staff members, I would like to welcome everyone to Woodward-Granger Elementary and Early Learning Center!  I get to “live the dream” every day as the principal of both of our great buildings.  Our schools have been doing many outstanding things for many years, and I am proud to be part of such an exceptional learning program.  

The Early Learning Center houses three-year-old preschool through first grade and is filled with approximately 260 enthusiastic young learners.  Our brand new Elementary opened in the fall of 2015, and is home to 285 second grade through fifth grade leaders.  Also, new to the 2015 school year, we opened The Hawk’s Nest which offers before-and-after school care to our school aged students.

Our dedicated staff is committed to the best practices for the students of WG.   We follow the principles of the Professional Learning Community process.  During our weekly professional development, we focus on four critical questions:

1. What do we expect our  students to learn? (Learning Goals and Expectations)  

2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)

3. How will we respond when the students don’t learn the intended curriculum? (Intervention)

4. How will we respond if they already know it? (Enrich and Extend)

We have a great deal of pride in our welcoming “small school” climate.  Everything that you remember fondly from your elementary experience, we offer here at WG.  We celebrate student successes throughout the year.  We have high expectations for student behavior, performance, and compassion for other students.  We support that through our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) program.  Our students are learning that it is most important to do the right thing when no one is looking.  Following these principles that are both taught and observed by students will guide them to becoming impactful LEADERS in and out of our communities.

I would love to have you and your family join us for a visit at the Woodward-Granger Early Learning Center or Elementary.  It is truly a wonderful place for educating our FUTURE!  Enjoy your school year and all the excitement it will bring!  Please feel free to contact any of us at Woodward-Granger Community Schools if you would like any additional information.


Matt Brummond

WG Elementary and ELC Principal

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